Monday, May 17, 2010

More fun than watching tv!

This is the lastest addition to our small flock.
He's a lovely handsome ram for our girls.
I guess you could say we're into arranged marriages here :)
We're hoping he romances our girls, in fact this handsome dude has a
marker on him, which is why he has the harness on. It has a wee pouch filled with red powdered paint so we can tell just who he has been out on a date with!

He leaves a tell-tale streak of red on all of his girlfriends.


Is that a hint of red on his head???

Just where exactly has he been???

And while we were spending all our time checking the paddock for the colour red,
Buddy decided he would slip into the bedroom for a quiet nap in comfort!

Carole :)


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Carole, you had me giggling, especially with the red on his head!

Jenxo said...

lol thres just no privacy any more ....

bettyl said...

Most outdoor stuff is better than NZ tv! Just found your blog. Hope to return soon.