Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend pleasures

Just when I thought that having a lovely pile of
freshly laundered new "old" linen and
some home made rhubarb and strawberry jam was the highlight
of the weekend,
that it couldn't get any better.....

a student doing my on-line class emailed me to say..

"I am so very much enjoying your class. I just want you to know you are doing such a good job.
But I'm not surprised...I have admired your work!
Thanks for just being YOU!"

I got a wee bit emotional.

Thankyou, it means a lot.



Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Ahhh Carole, isn't that so nice to be TOLD you're doing a great job.

AND you are - we all think so.
Your class is GREAT. I LOVE your videos which really explain the step by step process for newbies like me.
In fact I almost prefer this on-line class method as we can over and over the videos and listen to your sage advice, plus you are there all the time to answer any questions the class might have.

I loved having a peek at your fabric stash too - that's obviously collected over a v long time.


La Dolce Vita said...

wonderful!! good work!

~*~Patty said...

You and your journal class ARE wonderful Carole. Your easy breezy relaxed style is very conducive to learning and very inspiring too!
You are a natural teacher!
Today is Father's Day here in the states, I'll be "thinking" more about my journal pages than playing with them ;)
Thanks for all you do and YES, for being you ... that was said beautifully!
p.s. you not only have students but a fan club too :)

Marlynn said...

Oh, dear Carole, your blog is beautiful and I am a little disappointed I can't begain active participation in your class until after July 1.... but I have my book, etc, loved your first video and am so looking forward to it all. Hugs!

Dogwood said...

You deserve the "you did a great job" message! Love the linen. Enjoy.

maggi21 said...

I echo all those sentiments. The class is fantastic and having the videos as well is like having you in the room with us.

Val said...

I can smell the wonderful freshness of that new 'old' linen Carole, not to mention the jam!
I too am enjoying the class - just popped over to absorb more inspiration....... thanks so much for sharing.

Margaret said...

Hear hear from me too!! couldn't agree more and I really like the vids, easy to follow and I can always go back when my memory fails me. The one I liked best was the tour of your journal, great to see each page in closeup! Don't you go weeping into your lovely linen now!


Lovely indeed to feel appreciated. I am enjoying following the class blog too but I am still waiting for my materials to arrive in the post and getting a wee bit frustrated as I'm itching to start :o)

Your linens are beautiful

MosaicMagpie said...

I love the look of those old linens and that jam!

Bunty said...

Hear hear to all of that! I love your fun, no nonsense style - and some of your "rules" for want of a better word, force me out of my very neat and precise comfort zone!

I'm loving the class and thoroughly enjoyed your tour of your fabric stash, as well as your journal - I love seeing what other people collect.

Congrats on winning the French Friday Giveaway by the way - the tags are really lovely.

Have a great week Carole.

Barbara :)

Doreen G said...

Well what can I say Carole that everyone else hasn't said before.
The *vedeos and the excent*(my attempt at Aussie humor)are a hilight for me because it is great to see how you do it.
Well done my friend I am proud of you.

Farm Girl said...

Congratulations Carole, thrilled to hear you class is going so well. Love the look of that jam and linen too........ Take care, Nicky

Julie said...

Am I too late to join in Carole? I was snowed under with a quilt but I've finished it now, a bit sooner than I expected.

Beautiful linens :o)

Nathalie Thompson said...

How nice that someone took the time to TELL you so!

I haven't had a chance to participate yet, but dropped in for a quick look at your lesson posts and it looks like everything is going along swimmingly! What's NOt to love about you, Carole?

Congratulations on your success!

Dotti said...

This class of yours is a kick in the pants. Too bad you're away from the classroom...there is a real ruckus going on with all sorts of good 'spirits!' Seriously, this is my 4th online class and it is by far the best because of your abiltiy to generate a great atmosphere among the students!