Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enough already!

Well, that's enough of drooling over keyboards for now!!
Too much of a good thing, and all that....

Pick yourself up girls and feast your eyes on this.
This is Linda's stitching project, it's on it's overseas leg of the trip and it's my turn to add something "unique" to it. It will make two more stops before it gets back home to Linda's.

It is a 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" piece of linen, on which Linda and Margaret have
both added something special to.

Now I think that I might be fudging it up completely here, I'm really going for it!
I have no idea if Linda will like the path I've gone down, but I'm working like a woman possessed! LOL
And it's possibly going to be the fudgearama of the year!!

If I can pull it off, it will look super dooper fab and if I can't well, I'm sorry Linda, but I tried :))
But if I am fudging it, well, I'm having the time of my life!!

I'm smiling and stitching and cutting and smiling and more stitching - woohoo!

I can't reveal any more than the brief glimpse of fudgness shown, but from these two pics alone
you should be able to work out what I'm fudging :)

Can you tell what fudgalious design I'm creating?

And are you getting nervous Linda??
just a little bit??

This is soooo much fun!!!

Carole :)


Linda said...

I'm very nervous! aaaggghhhh! It looks like a tree is involved...perhaps a swing? I'm good, aren't I!!!

Linda Gilbert said...

That was a bit strange as my first Chritian name is also Linda and my middle name Margaret and maiden Surname Reed-- Are you sure its not for me!!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

You do make me laugh Carole, love the 'fudginess' talk, lol. Look forward to seeing what you create when you're 'possessed', lol :)

Jenxo said...

loving your fudginess...it will be beautiful...

Joanie Hoffman said...

You can never go wrong with fudge! But maybe you're not talking chocolate & nuts. You could never mess up an art piece!
I love a mystery, just these little snippets of the piece.

Nathalie Thompson said...

You are wicked, using the word fudge in one post so many times! I'm glad I get to see this before Linda does! Can't wait!

Nanner-nanner, boo boo!

Dogwood said...

Fudge=the word for the day!

Corrine said...

Oh that's not fair...when can we see all of it? (Now I have to go and make some fudge darn it)And the word verification I have to type in spells cholat!

lilylovekin said...

Sorry I missed this chance at your give away. I love your fabric postcards, I checked out your Esty store, they are very lovely.