Friday, March 11, 2011

what some of the girls said about my journal class.....

“This is the best on-line class I have taken. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Besides, it was nice being among cyber-acquaintances. It made it even more fun! Thanks Carole!!!”   Dotti
“BTW I have absolutely loved your class and when I say it has been the best one that I have done I am not joking. The videos were fantastic very easy to follow”  Doreen

“Carole, I can't think of one even slightly negative thing to say about this workshop. You are a skilled teacher, quite organized, creative and just an all around lovely person. It's nice to be in such good company!”  Jan

“Seriously, this is my 4th online class and it is by far the best because of your ability to generate a great atmosphere among the students!”  Dotti

“I have now started my first journal and I want to say 'thank you' for such a good course.” Sharne

“Carole, thank you so much for the lessons here and the inspiration and motivation this lovely blog gives me to get off my butt and do something!” Julie

“I want to thank Carole for teaching this class.  I have had tons of fun and I definitely got carried away!!  Carole - you are a GREAT teacher.  Every step was described in excellent detail and yet you left a great deal of room for individual creativity.  Being able to use what was in my stash was pretty incredible.” MA 

“Carole, this is just a blast!!” Maggie

“Carole this class was such a blast and I really had so much fun creating my journal.   I already am thinking about all the future journals. :-)  Thank you for putting together such a super class!” Gail

“I want to thank you, Carole, for the chance to take your course. It is the most fantastic journal and just suits what I wanted to do. Your instructions are excellent! What a great teacher you are.” Carol K

“I am having the most amazing fun - thanks to Carole's course.” Lottie

“I echo everything that has been said about this course. Carole you have been fantastic and having had a couple of bad classes lately you have restored my faith. Inspirational! And a huge thank you.” Maggi

Would love to have you join us this year for some creative goodness! 
Carole :))


Mari said...

Carole, I so want on your class online! Only at me a problem with English language...)

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Finally got around to signing up for your class, really looking forward to it, trying to dye some lace for it as I type. Paypal is connected to my orangehome email, but it's still me!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh that sounds like fun! Your work is just beautiful. Now that I know you, I'll look for your articles. Thanks Carole. Riki

Debrina said...

Yay you - well done!! I would take your class, but I'm already churning out the journals by myself, lol!

How are you, anyway??

I've moved: my new url is-

You may need to update your side panel or rss feed??

Mina loves art said...

Hi Carole
I just want to add my thoughts on your class I did last year.
I loved every part of it - all the techniques were new to me and your teaching style is so relaxed and easy. You guided us through the various stages of journal making in easy step by step lessons with simple video clips to download and watch at our leisure.

I would recommend your class to everyone interested in mastering the techniques of "making their own journal".


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh dear - the last comment was from me and google used my old "no longer in use" blog address.......

This is the right one - sorry I confused you Carole!!!
Shane x