Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A vintage textile fair to end all fairs

On Sunday just gone, I visited with Shane from Roses Lace and Brocante and together we went to Alexander Park in Auckland to a Vintage Textile Fair. 
While most of the time I was far too busy ferreting - I did remember to take a few photos.

 This was my first textile fair and honestly, I have never seen anything like this, there were shoes and clothes and hats and linens and jewels and laces and buttons and quilts. There were a mix of dealers and collectors and prices ranged from bargains to expensive over the top. 

For more than 2 hours I was in heaven :)

Here are a few images taken at times when I wasn't skipping or fra-la-la-ing....

Unfinished quilts

I would have loved to take all these guys home!

These laces were stunning, but highly priced.

These two quilts were dated 1860's and had price tags of several hundred dollars. The one above is a dolls size quilt while the one below is an unfinished bed quilt. Both had come from America.
I would so love to own one of these, but priced well out of my range.


This quilted fabric above was sourced from France and came from around the top of a bed, it was over $700.

 Love this hat!

I had a lovely day and it was so nice to finally meet Shane. We talked non-stop - as you can imagine.

Overall I think you had to be picky to find a bargain, but it was lovely to spend time with a fellow blogger with so much in common.
Thanks Shane, may it happen many more times in the future!

And did you want to see what I found/bought?
Well, I'll show you soon, when I get home from my holiday :)



Janelle said...

This look like a lot of fun. I would love to go to a textile fair.

Nancy said...

Delightful sensory overload! Those textiles are just piled up and waiting for you.

Linda said...

How wonderful! I adore those bears.... I bet they were very expensive! Love the quilts, too! What a wonderful time you had with Shane! Lucky girls!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Talk about being in seventh heaven! How I wish I could have been there too - it would have been such fun to meet you both in person AND to shop in such a place - definitely died and gone to heaven time!!!

Debrina said...

I'm wearing my jealous face ;-)
PS. see you at teh Alt.Shift.Craft fair in Sept?

Mrs A said...

Looks like there were some real lovlies there, I didnt get to any of the fairs here, which is a shame, cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

Jennifer said...

Ooooo, how gorgeous.....what prtty things....I can see why you enjoyed it!

Gaby Bee said...

OMG, how wonderful. So many gorgeous things. I wish I could be with you to hunt the treasures. LOVE especially all the wonderful lace and the teddy bears. They are too cute!

Have a lovely week!

dosierosie said...

What a great fair, I love vintage linens,

Lynette (NZ) said...

How fabulous - can't wait to see what you brought home.

Bunty said...

Wowzers and double wowzers!!! You lucky, lucky girl!! I am so jealous.
How nice to meet up with Shane as well, sounds like a perfect day. Looking forward to seeing what you got.


kluckingbear said...

Soooo jealous! How lucky you are to go to such a neat fair. I can't wait to see what you picked up.

~*~Patty S said...

I have been looking forward to you and Shane meeting...what a great time you both must have had
fab pics Mz C!

Jensters said...

Oh wow i would have been in heaven...wished we had those here ;(

Margaret said...

Fantastic pics! what fun to meet Shane, I can imagine you had a blast together, who bought more stuff?? Can't wait to see your treasures! Mx

Catharina Maria said...

Oh I wish I was there to .
For lovely things taken home to the Netherlands .
Love ♥RINI♥

Vancouver Networking Professionals said...

Lucky You, Absolutely wonderful Textiles, When is the Next fair ?