Monday, September 5, 2011

goodies from the fair

I did promise to show you some of the bits I bought at the Vintage Textile Fair in Auckland recently.

I didn't actually buy a great lot, but there were so many things to look at, and I could have happily spent a small fortune. But I was well behaved, ask Shane :)

These took my eye, I thought I could find a very practical use for them.

There were loads of laces, some extremely pricey. A couple of nice pieces were added to my collection.

These beauties were too good to pass up and reasonably priced.

I fell in love with this vintage needle keep too.

And this which I have no idea what it actually is, but I think it's an egg warmer lol.

I fell in love with this too. It is full of darning thread for stockings. (perhaps I could learn how to mend the pile I have here)

I thought this find was very special too. I was told it is a bride's handkerchief.

It is very fine and I'm sure you would never use it. Perhaps only to dry the lightest of tears? (of happiness of course)

And to end a fabulous day, Shane gave me this wonderful bag she made which was crammed full of exciting things she'd made and bits I can use. It was like opening a treasure chest of goodies! I was thrilled to bits to have some of her art work too.
Thank you Shane, I felt very spoilt.

Back soon :)


MosaicMagpie said...

Lots of fun things! I can't wait to see what you do with the spindle/spool.

Jill said...

Beautiful little bits!

umelecky said...

Oh, I just love all the beautiful treasures you found! I have a hanky like the one you've shown here. I didn't know they were bride's hankies. Thanks for sharing!

Janelle said...

Thanks for sharing all you goodies.

Catharina Maria said...

You are a lucky woman to find all these beauties .Thanks for showing this .
Love ♥RINI♥

Linda said...

Wow! Beautiful stuff, Carole!!!!!!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

What a fabulous Fair you went to.
Love all the goodies you bought home plus the special gift from poor Shane!
I can imagine how handicapped that would make me feel - such a shame Shane!
Love and hugs,

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE all your treasure and I am so jealous that you have these kind of fairs there. Wish there were some here in New England!

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Carole,

Oh, what lovely stuff...I love those spooly thingies..very interesting...and lace and thread of any kind gets my attention.

I want to invite you to a Quiltie Swap if you have the time. I know you stay busy...but I wanted to invite you anyway just in case you have time. ♥ Pop in to read about it.

Stephanie ♥

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Loverly goodies! Wish we had fairs like that here.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

It was lovely to discover you and your blog, through Shane.
What a wonderful Fair that must have been and love all the goodies you came home with and thanks for showing us.

Happy weekend

ShabbyChicShaz said...

What great finds, sounds like a fab fair :)