Monday, December 5, 2011

A fine gardening weekend

I was thrilled to be able to get out and spend some time in the garden over the weekend. 
It was a funny weekend, it was scorching hot, then it rained, then we had an earthquake, a 5.7, then it was still and hot.

My vege garden is looking good at the moment. I like to go out in the evenings when it's starting to cool down. Water, pull weeds and collect strawberries. The lettuces are all looking lovely, we'll be having lots of salads

Various members of the family like to help.  (or sit and watch)

The blackbirds love the strawberries and have all taken lessons in the art of negotiating bird netting.

I'm picking 2 1/2 pound of strawberries every 2nd day. We eat them every day and I'm freezing them for puddings and jam making in winter.

I still have a little space in my vege garden, but I'm not sure what to plant in it. 
May be I'll put some carrot seed in?

Carole :)


alveen said...

What a lovely lush looking garden. Brings back memories of my own Kiwi vege patches, can't seem to beat all the bugs here in Aus. I can see that you will be having sweet tasting home grown peas for Christmas. And those strawberries! they make my mouth water.
Hugs Alveen

Mrs A said...

wow, what a fabulous vegie garden, my lettuce all bolted and went to seed, its becoming very difficult to grow anything here in oz. We also had very hot and dry weather for the last month or so, even the weeds are dying off!

Janelle said...

It is nice to see the green growing things when it is cold and snowy in my part of the world.

shirley said...

gee Carol those strawberries look delicious. You have a lovely garden ..must have green fingers....pity that lazy bones onlooker didn't help more, is a wonder the birds get to the strawberries with him sitting there.

ms lottie said...

That's just showing off! Yum!

Ati. said...

My mouth is watering seeing the fresh strawberries.
Here is storm and snow!! Maybe it is better to move one half year to NZ and the other half year to Norway ? LOL

Linda said...

Your garden looks so delicious! Good thing you have cats and not bunnies!!! I do wish those earthquakes would stop!!!

Ali Honey said...

I love to see a good vege garden like yours.
Our peas are all but finished ( timing!) Your strawbs are doing better than mine. I don't think I replaced enough of the plants.