Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pics from the craft market

Friday night was Craftzilla, a craft market run by Alt Shift Craft in the City Library in town where people could sell their wares.
Opening was for 6pm through to 9pm.

Of course you can tell which table was mine. 
Lots of lovely lavender bags for sale, I almost sold right out of them! I can't believe just how much people still enjoy lavender.

Butterfly wishes bunting, looked very pretty, but didn't sell, will be listing it in my Etsy store soon.
I'm not sure that people here are ready for buntings yet. 
There were a few around, and people picked them up often enough, but they just didn't seem to know what to do with them? 

More of Nathalie's suspender clips on price cards. I'm not totally sure why, 
but I could always sell the price cards!

Fabric hoops sold well too.

The fabric pins and hair clips got a good sort through by shoppers. 

A few pins on cards too, to add some variety to my table proved popular.

And of course there were some of these cheeky Santas.
Just because.
And standing at my table I faced the small platform where different entertainers came and played.  It was lovely to watch the different ones, but sometimes it got a bit loud.
And that was the market. 

I tried to keep my table not so cluttered, so that people could see what was on it.
I do tend to try and get as much onto the table as possible, but I think it looks a little better when it's not so cluttered.

When you're out looking at craft markets, or if you have a table yourself, 
how do you fill your table?

Do you have just a few of each thing and replace as it sells?
Do you put as much out as possible, and keep shifting things around as they sell?

Do you like looking at the things on a packed table?
Or do you like to see things spread out?

Let me know what you think.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Carole x


jacaranda said...

Love your table Carole:) I used to do a craft market many years ago. I like a stall that is not too cluttered, sometimes they can be overwhelming with so much on them. I found that if we kept replacing thing as they sold, it looked like they weren't selling. One lady once said, "I had better get one of these before they sellout". She didn't know that we had several more stored away.

Jennifer said...

As a shopper I find it hard to look through a stall that is too cluttered.......but if it is too sparse I wonder why, too! The ukulele band looks like fun.

Emma said...

I think the way you have things in groups works - each 'box' is lovely & full but not confused by the next one. I never have enough for spares! You can see my table pic a few posts back. What a WONDERFUL idea to carry the goods in the display boxes!!!

Linda said...

I think your table looks just right. Like Jennifer said... if it's too sparse I wonder why. How do we get the word out about buntings? hmmmmmm!!!

Darlene said...

your pins are so cute. Guess you made them too ;) I see you still have my favourite bunting. I am going to make one after Christmas. I have the perfect stamp to play with

Jenxo said...

hey carole it looks fantastic and so cohesive too.... we never have enough stock to keep replacing but jenny is really good at 'fluffing' the stall :) we had ours today and it was quite successful. Jewellery seems to be the best seller for us...

We will be drying lavender this year too ;)

Tatkis said...

Another super market! Your stall looks great - and the brooches too ;) is there one left?


Nancy said...

Your table looks very appealing, and you were well stocked for the market. I prefer less crowded tables. If there is too much, people get too elbow to elbow sorting through, and it just seems more chaotic. Yours is orderly but abundant. Well done.

Margaret said...

Looks wonderful Carole, you really have been busy!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I think your table looks wonderful! I like the suitcase display, the basket and the round "tub" (hatbox case?) I like the look of abundance on your table- more to choose from. Maybe pin the buntings to the front of your table skirt next time? Funny how something you see so much of on etsy, the rest of the world does not know exists. I am not suprised your lavendar sold well-- your packaging is irrisistable!