Wednesday, September 19, 2012

making old and vintage

I've taken lovely brand new fabrics and have been busy making them look old and vintagey looking for a project.
Mmmm, I think I'm nearly there.

Carole x


Jennifer said...


Cait said...

OMG this is AMAZING Carole!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a box of precious old feedsack fabrics and want to do something simple like this too, with lots of calico ... cheers, Cait

Anonymous said...

fabulous, this looks like a family heirloom!!

Linda said...

You need Cait's feedsacks!!!! This is going to be pretty!

Tatkis said...

Looks so sweet and vintage! Adorable!


Janelle said...

They look great to me.

A Magical Whimsy said...

What ever it is you are doing to the fabric in the quilt to make the pieces look old and vintagey sure looks lovely! What's your secret?!
Teresa in California
I do like using tea to 'dye' things.