Sunday, November 18, 2012

embellishing myself

a couple of weeks ago i bought a skirt at an op shop. it seemed fine although the previous owner had left a scorch mark on the pocket and some detail stitching had come undone. but it did look nice on. i decided i should buy it seeing it was only $4.99.
so i decided to embellish it, and of course you'd expect nothing less that some vintage fabric or doilies and perhaps a yoyo or too. i doubt you'd ever know there was a mark on the pocket.
now to address the detail stitching. some torn fabric, some vintage trim and a few yoyo's. this is soooo me!
i love embellishments, you can use them on anything, anywhere.

back soon


Jenny said...

Really truly lovely:)

Lottie said...

Wow - that's amazing - and now you have a unique, original, skirt - that no one in the whole wide world has one even remotely like it - and no one ever will.

How cool is that huh? I'd be bouncing, and flouncing, and parading around like a peacock on a fashion catwalk if I had one.

It must give you a really nice feeling inside when you wear it - now get back to your dusting and cleaning, and getting ready to sell your home for adventures new!

I'm off out into the frost and sunshine!

Yvonne said...

Love that! Would love to see the whole skirt.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm with Yvonne I want to see the whole skirt too - it looks so lovely with your special stamp on it!
You're a a clever dolly-do!!
Oh what a job preparing the house for sale - I don't envy you - if only I lived closer I could easily be tempted to help with more talk of chocolate!!!!
Shane ♥

Annette said...

Oh, I missed the moving post.. are you moving closer to your grandchild? What about the sheep??? Love the skirt and I too would like to see more....


Linda said...

I wanna see you in it!

lucille shabbyness said...

I really love your work!!! Sooooo beautiful!!!! whaouw!!!!!!!!!!