Monday, April 1, 2013

Some more embellishing and the last FQ finds a home

Easter weekend, the perfect time to spend catching up on projects.

I managed to get all my spring bulbs planted into pots. I dug them out before we shifted thinking we might have quite a journey ahead of us, so now they've all been planted again.

But I also managed to do some more embellishing on the exhibition piece.

Of course there has to be a yoyo somewhere!

And some pinks.

I'll add some more pics as I do them.

Well the last fat quarter is off to a new home, Lottie your name was drawn for the lucky last. As yesterdays winner hasn't chosen hers yet scroll down and pick which you'd like and let me know.

Now we're into April and it's a whole new year. I'm not sure where this year is going to take me. Am wondering if I should teach some more online classes, or 'in person' classes, should I concentrate on adding new and exciting things to my Etsy store, should I make samples for the quilt store I work in one day a week, or should I just make things for me?

I'm not sure.

Anyway my friends, thanks for sticking with me for six years. We've certainly had a few adventures together haven't we?

Back soon,
Carole x


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Carole
The french knot heart is lovely.
Good to see you stitching again!
Hope you're still enjoying your new home.
Shane ♥

Irene said...

This surely will be a wonderful year: a new home, new surroundings to discover, a new job.. Take it one step a the time, do what you enjoy doing - things will fall into their places! Happy New Year

Raewyn said...

very nice piece! I love the variety of your embellishments :-) Always a hard balancing act work vs 'home pleasure' sewing/crafting, I find. Do what makes your heart sing is what they say isn't it?!

Lottie said...

Truly stunning work - absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous

My goodness - how wonderful to have so many choices, to be so talented that you can pick and choose.

Just go with the flow - whatever pops into your head at the time.

Suztats said...

Happy Easter, and may the new year bring you joyous challenges and creative bliss.

Linda said...

Beautiful embellishments. I don't see why you can't do it all! ha! I would work on building up the local crowd first? And you can use the local crowd classes to do an online class, too? You've got an online following already.... it can only get better. But always DO stuff that you love. I'm here for the ride.

Anonymous said...


Nathalie Thompson said...

These are gorgeous!