Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anyone want to come on a mini-break with me?

Well the sewing machine has been working hard and the quilt is almost finished. 
In the mean time Mr M&M celebrated a big birthday, one with a zero on the end of it! 
I organised a surprise birthday weekend, and all the children would be there waiting for us.
We went to Tokaanu at the south end of Lake Taupo.
My little sis and Traci
We stayed in the old post office which happened to be celebrating its 100th birthday. It had been renovated a little so that it resembled a home. 
Here are a few pics from the weekend.....
This was the music room and was the postmasters room.
There was also a ski room and a fishing themed room.
But Tokaanu is renown for its thermal activity, especially the hot pools!
These pools are filled with boiling water.
Little sis and I get some jumping for joy in
We also discovered these man-made pools fed by water from a small thermal pool that kept erupting.
There were also lots of plopping thermal mud pools
And thermal pits that locals were using to cook food in. The steam cooks the meat and vegetables.
 However, the best part of the weekend was this. 
It's a hot tub and with the turn of a tap bubbling hot water is pumped out of the ground and straight into the tub.
Traci checks the temp   
It didn't matter that it was a scorching hot day, it was great fun!
 We did go for lots of walks to explore all the surrounds, there was some stunning vistas.
Little sis and I do some more jumping on the shores of Lake Taupo
And we got to have a few more cuddles.....
I'll post some pics of the quilt when I get the binding on.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Carole x


Irene Pieters said...

Oh,oh, why is this soooo far away? It's really on the other Side of the world for me...
This would-be be so wonderful - never seen this before! I would do my share of jumping...

Jennifer said...

What a fun time you all had!

Lottie said...

Wow - that joy - and Lake Taupo is just amazing isn't it.

You sure crammed lots of lovely memories into your weekend didn't you

Linda Jo said...

Wow! You really do live in a different world than me, Carole!!! I know you had a wonderful time!!! And baby girl is adorable!

Jen said...

HI Carole. Lake Taupo is amazing and you all were haveing a good time and lots of fun. The photos are great .

~*~Patty S said...

Wonderful photos of your celebration weekend and what fabulous natural wonders you got to enjoy ♥
Love it all ... you girls seemed to be 'floating on air' ;)
what a precious poppet that I just want to scoop up and (((Hug)))
Happy Happy Birthday month to your Mr!!!
We're headed to some hot springs in Colorado in the mountains soon...but no bubbling mud I think ;)

Cottage Tails said...

Chuckle chuckle your hot tub photo reminded me of the NZ artist Annabelle thought you might like to see the card.
Love Leanne

Connie said...

What an interesting post.
Love the photos. I have never seen a hot springs or anything like these ponds before. Our planet is amazing isn't it?
Keep Smiling,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)