Thursday, November 7, 2013

Want to make a Journal?

I've had a few emails lately from people asking about my journal class and if it's still available.
Well the great news is, that the class blog is always open!!

So if you'd love to challenge yourself to make a journal, do a little deconstructing, a little dying and aging of fabric, stamping, painting, machine and hand stitching. If you'd like to try using transfers and enjoy embellishing until the cows come home, well, maybe you'll enjoy this class.

It's taught via a private, invitation only blog, where I'll instruct you using tutorials, photos and videos. Once you've joined the blog you'll have exclusive access any time of the day or night.
Each journal will be unique to you, no two journals are ever the same.
The class has been open for some time now and there are loads of journals for you to look at. So if you feel like making yourself a journal, don't forget the class is still open!
If you'd like to join look for the Paypal icon on the right.

Any questions, I'm right at the end of an email!

Carole x


Lottie said...

I did this course and it was amazing - so don't hesitate - go for it!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The journal class was the very first on-line learning experience I took part in and I can happily say it was such great fun that I have gone on and taken other classes too. Like Lottie said - go for it!