Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not much left!

This morning I did the rounds of all the bird feeders in the trees and put new apples in them. I peel off several slices of skin around the outside and the finches eat the insides and leave the skin and the apple core. 
Hungry little birds! Do you feed the birds and what do you feed them? I have a long container full of seed, but they haven't touched it, they prefer the apples! 

Carole x


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

We have goldfinches up here (Ontario, Canada that is) and they have a passion for sunflower seeds.
If you take a peek at my blog that is a before pic of a beautiful sunflower, once the little lovelies have finished there is no centre of seeds or petals for that matter. The finches here have finished nesting with a few later babies tagging along behind. Soon the male will lose his vibrant yellow plumage and the pair will begin to prepare for Winter and trust me here we get a frigid Winter.
Susan x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I haven't tried feeding apples here...must give that a go. We have a feeder on our balcony with a mixture of seeds in it, but primarily black sunflower seeds which are the favourites of the chickadees and the blue jays. The mourning doves will eat anything. As winter closes in we get nuthatches and a pair of woodpeckers who love the blocks of suet. Since they painted the brick on the outside of our building we rarely are visited by the squirrels thankfully because they hoover up everything in no time.

Suztats said...

In late summer, I set out feeders with different types of seeds, and I hang suet, too. The squirrels are quite a problem. I've not tried apples before, but maybe this fall. The winter is too cold and the apples would freeze solid........Watching the birds is so enjoyable!

Linda Jo said...

Great photo! Sometimes I feed the birds. But mostly not.... The squirrels take most of it!