Saturday, February 14, 2015

Perfect Valentine's Day is spent doing..........

So far it's pretty much a perfect Valentine's Day. I mean to say, I'm in the Studio, the radio is playing some 'sing out loud' songs and I'm stitching up a storm. 
What more could I want?

What would you like to do on Valentine's Day? 

When I was at work in the quilt store this week I made a whole pile of red roses using fat quarters of red fabrics. They looked nice nestled amongst a display of black and white fabrics.

Whatever you do on Valentine's Day, have a lovely one. 

Carole x


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
I would like to be able to open up the windows and let in the sunshine but no way. We've a minus 30C windchill factor right outside the door!
Enjoy the day.
Susan x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy Valentine's to you as well. I'd be happy to stay home because we're in a deep freeze here, but we have a family breakfast this morning (weekly date) and DH is taking me out for supper tonight. I must remember not to complain about the cold since he's nice enough to want to take me out!

Nancy said...

I'd like to hide out in my sewing room and make some more Snippet Rolls like you showed us! They are such fun. I have one pictured on my blog for Valentine's Day. Come visit if you get a chance. Your roses look so pretty in with the other fabrics. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Emma said...

Lovely roses for valentine's day! Doors open & gardening started with a coffee break on my favourite seat, not sure how long it will last tho!