Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buckle up ..... it's gonna be a rough ride! LOL

Well folks, this is where we have been holding up for the last week. It's been a real hard week, I hope you can all cope with the following pics! lol! The camp ground is right on the beach front at Gisborne, called Waikanae Beach. When we arrived there were very few people, young couples touring NZ on their big OE, or elderly retired couples in camper vans. This of course meant there was oodles of hot water in the shower block!
The camp ground is owned and managed by the City Council and it is always lovely and tidy with clean kitchens and toilet blocks.

This is the view from our tent. If you peer thru the hedge you get to see what the sea is doing. We picked this spot because there was a huge tree which meant a little shade during some part of the day!

THE BEACH! (and miles of it too!)

I just lay in the shade, a slight breeze, the sound of small waves lapping the sand, and looked up for a few minutes before dozing off in a contented sort of blissful way.....

There was quite a lot of this....... coffee, the smooth rich velvetyness ....umm is there such a word? (anyway, one can't live on water alone!!)
.....and of course I did manage to schedule into my hectic days a little shopping! Don't you think our camp table looks so much the more homely with that lovely doily I picked up in the red cross op shop? (I did make something yummy purchases, but more on that later).

Then it was back to the beach and a little of Ngaio Marsh, the excellent New Zealand author. Nothing like a good crime/detective novel to fill in the days!
What a life! Bliss!

****Please note I have deliberately avoided showing you any pics of me in a bathing cossie, pics of me lolling round in the water doing impersonations of a beached whale, or any incriminating pics of me shoveling fish and chips into my mouth! lol!


Deb said...

What bliss it all looks.

Julia said...

That sun, sea and sand look sooooo heavenly - fancy swapping for a bit of snow and minus temperatures?......... no, thought not!!LOL
Love the 'Spring' block you're working on by the way:0)
PS. Found you thru Deb's blog!

Margaret said...

welcome back! fab photos, love your camping spot, can feel the Kiwiana coming out of my computer sigh... would have loved pics of you eating fish and chips!! no really... but I suspect at the other end of those flip flops is a hand holding a large piece of cake... go on you can tell us!!

Tiglizzyclone said...

I am so wishing I could do what you are doing in these pictures. I love beaches and camping!

Jacky said...

Gisborne is my home town, lovely seeing the photo's of Waikanae, hope you enjoyed your visit there.

ScaryCheri said...

oh Carole another camper. I love it. What a gorgeous trrip you must have had. When my friends hear we camp using a tent they say we are crazy but we love it. Spent a week last 4th of July in our tent. But no beautiful beach to look at like you had. I want to come camp with you guys, lol.
I adore the blocks you are working on. The colors are fab. I am going to have to try one some day. I love quilts on the bed. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Miss you. Hugz, Scary

Nathalie Thompson said...

I ahve been gone away for too long and almost missed your beach photos! Oh, you looked like you had an absolutely fabulous time lounging around!