Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A mini break!

Well I've just had a wee mini break, a couple of nights down in Wellington, staying with my daughter. What fun we had.
Our first stop was Martha's. This cafe has little tables and lovely linen table cloths on all the tables, they serve tea and coffee in lovely bone china, and a selection of yummy cakes on tiered cake plates. Everything is feminine and dainty. It is my mostist favouritist place in the whole of Wellington!!
As if it isn't bad enough having hot scones with strawberry jam and whipped fresh cream, but we were forced to eat marshmellows and chocolate hearts!
(Please note that while we were here, 2 men sat at the next table and drank tea, so not just for the ladies!)
Anyway, to try and purge ourselves of all that goodness, we did a lot of walking the streets of Wellington. Here are a few images of Wellington.

There were so many steps, and I think my daughter found them all for me. "UP WE GO!"

Doesn't this little window look interesting? I would have loved to nose around in there!
And more steps!
Oh, and a few purchases drying in the sun. While I was in Wellington my blogging friend Nona met me and we drove out to Petone a suburb, where we wandered thru the op shops. I bought all these for $1.00. What a bargin!
Hope you've all have a good week so far!
Carole :)


Margaret said...

Every now and then you post a pic that makes me want to weep, it's the beach one that did it!! time to go home I think...

Jennifer said...

You have had a lovely time! I like the cafe....must check it out if I get to NZ again.

Rengin Yazitas said...

I enjoyed to read your mini break. It seems that you've had great time.
I loved your new goodies, they are so lovely.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Forced to eat chocolate hearts and marshmellows? And finding beautiful linens for $1.00? It's enough to make me weep. :)

The teapcup of hot chocolate is suitable for framing!

I'm sure after all of the step climbing you were ready for more chocolate amd marshmellows! :)

Nona said...

LOL Carole! If I'd known you were keen on steps, I could have taken you around to more!

We DID have a good time! And thanks ever so much for the folding rule!