Monday, February 9, 2009

Two more blocks finished

Today I got this finished to send to Debbi in Australia. We are swapping a postcard with a floral theme.
I almost had this finished and found I'd made a mistake, so made another. I hope it goes thru the post ok!

I did some stitching while I was away, but not much. I now have 2 more blocks finished, so 3 in total and working on the 4th. (You might have to enlarge the photo to see the stitching).

These are some of my finds while I was away. I will have lots of fun using these! I love this cover, (below), it looks like a tea cosy, but as it's thin cotton I don't think it would keep anything warm! I love it all the same, however, I have no idea what I might do with it yet!


Margaret said...

DP you rock! lurve this work!! is butterfly fabric transfer? so gorgeous

Jennifer said...

I have a lace tea cosy in this shape, made by my great-aunt - it was used over a padded cosy of the same shape.

Kirsten Löser said...

Nice work! I can see you collect doilies, too! I use them in my work all the time - it is great to see how they change character when used in a different context!

By the way, I LOVE Footrot Flats - saw that you are living on the North Island where Wal and Dog have their home, too! And I am the lucky owner of the true incarnation of dog, a border collie mix called Gustav ;-)

Bye Kirsten

Annie said...

Love the fabrics you bought and the backing fabric will look great with your blocks you are making at present.
Love the postcard you are trading with Deb. I have seen the one she is sending you and it it gorgeous.

Melinda Cornish said...

The blocks are really beautiful and the colors so sweet! I cant wait to get moved so I can do some serious quilting....Melinda

Debbi Baker said...

I've just come visiting and I love the postcard! Can't wait for it to arrive.