Saturday, March 7, 2009

I forgot to show you this, hidden in the bottom draw

A plain and simple box.....

with interesting features.......

that opens up to this!

It has all these different feet and attachments.....

and it even has one of these!

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?? (If you know perhaps you could enlighten me! lol)

I bet none of the machine manufacturers would make something like this these days. Don't you just love how everything is plastic now days?
Hope your weekend is going great!


Jennifer said...

A puzzle box, lucky you! I have several Singer attachments for old machines but I don't have a puzzle box to store them in.

Joy said...

Great find :o)!!
Sorry, can't help you with the funny shaped attachment. I have an old Singer featherweight with attachments but nothing that looks remotely like that one. I'll be interested to see what it is though :o).
Joy :o)

Jennifer said...

Have a look at this - The gadget in the corner is for holding screwdrivers and tools.

Nathalie Thompson said...

FABULOUS sewing machine! My great grandmother sewed my play clothes on one-- using the treadle. She was a professional seamstress at one time. I remember her hunched over the machine, pedaling away. She sewed even with cataracts and wore gold rimmed spectacles, leaning in very close to "see" her work.

Your puzzle box is wonderful. Don't you wish there was an artistic application for old sewing machine parts? Your mystery part would make a great crown for an art doll!

I would say your drawer handles are not original. They look too large for the drawers- and a little too gaudy.

P.S. Happy Blog-iversary!