Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ummmmm...I've made a slight purchase!

And don't you just love it!!
I found it on trade me and it is in pretty good shape, except that I'm not sure if I will be able to get the sewing machine to work.
It reminds me of my early teenage years, my mum had a treadle singer sewing machine and I learn't to sew on it. I'm not sure if I like the handles on the draws, but there are no other holes, so if the handles aren't original then they have been replaced with similar handles. On some of these machines the handles are small round wooden knobs. I was thrilled to find that there was no borer in the wood, and that there is no rust on any of the metal legs etc... Unfortunately there is a little piece of veneer off the front on the left beside the draws, not sure how I might fix that. Also the cord that drives the sewing machine is broken, mmmm, dad, if you're reading this, I have a feeling it might be a "small" project for you next time you visit!
Not sure what I might put on it, as it makes a nice display table, but for the time being there are a couple of photos on a doily.
NOTE: I found the serial number and checked on the Singer Machine Co website and it says it was made in 1904!

And a wee package arrived in the mail from Michelle in the States. I was lucky enough to win a blog draw and she has sent me an assortment of lovely pieces of art, a really neat bookmark, (which will great LOTS of use this year lol!)
And this really "wonderful" key ring! Thanks Michelle, I love your gift!
Hope your week is going well!
Carole ;)


Jennifer said...

What a lovely machine - weren't you lucky! You can easily get a new belt for the treadle. And you are right about the drawer knobs; they weren't fancy brass, they were a small wooden knob. The serial number will be on the front right hand side of the machine bed, if you email Singer they can give you a clue as to its age.

Margaret said...

Lucky you! there was one of these in my Grandmother's front room for years! only now I realise the value of it. I think it makes a great piece of furniture especially with those drawers.

Threadhead said...


C said...

What an interesting picture of your singer machine.

Jacq said...

Your machine is wonderful.