Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catching up...

I have been trying to catch up on projects that have been calling my attention.
I hope to get as many completed before I start work.
I'll still be busy in my sewing room, but I won't be able to pass the time of day so leisurely from next week.

One of these projects was quilting this large quilt made by my friend Christine.
It is the same Leanne's House quilt pattern that I made last year, but she has done hers in blues.
She doesn't have a machine that she can stipple with, so she asked me if I could do it.

She asked that I do a large stipple pattern all over it, but leaving the wee stitcheries unquilted.
I said yes without thinking of the implications of quilting someone elses beautiful work.
Knowing they have put many hours of love and attention into it, I am hoping it is ok.
What if it's not? What if she doesn't like it? Now I'm stressing!

I think I'll do some more work on Miss Maude the House Mouse, she always makes me smile!

Carole :)


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Lovely quilt - I can understand your trepidation when it's someone elses work!!

Get a wriggle on - I've been waiting for Miss Maude version 2!!!! Please let me know when she's ready!

Linda said...

That IS beautiful! I love the tags! You are a busy girl right now.