Friday, September 3, 2010

last weekend, part 2.....

Then we were off to the Rose City Quilters exhibition.
There were all sorts of amazing quilted work by some very clever girls.
Here is just a brief glimpse of some of the work. I have used my camera without a flash in the light available.

There were seagulls, and fishing boats,

and shoes,

and quilts made from curtaining fabrics,

and quilts with stitcheries in them,

that made your fingers itch to stitch,

and cupcakes, good enough to eat,

and moasic work,

that must of taken simply ages to complete,

and bold quilts,

and flowery ones,

and even more cupcakes,

and we also discovered Amiee busy hand quilting a quilt made of recycled woolen blankets and colthes!

It was a beautiful display,
many thanks to the girls at Rose City Quilters for all their hard work!

Carole :)


Cynnie said...

What amazing pieces these quilters make. The top one with the seagull...I thought when I saw it on the thumbnail that you went to the beach and were showing us your pet bird...or a new friend for Buddy´s enjoyment:)
Cynthia Schelzig

Suztats said...

Such inspiration! I love the seagull quilt....I had thought you'd placed layers of gauze material on the sand and took a pic of a seagull checking out the fibers! That gull looks so real!Thank you for sharing these pieces.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I too thought the gull was real! It wasn't until I embiggened the picture that I realized that it wasn'

bad penny said...

so delightful

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

These are truly works of art.
Same for me I thought the top one was at the beach - that seagull had me fooled!! Exquisite.
I also love the Patchwork Cottage and Florist - outstanding.
Drooling all over my laptop!!

PS Are those shoes significant Carole - I'm wondering...he! he!

Jenxo said...

i cant beleive that seagull quilt is a quilt!lol
and the shoes love em... so much talent there....

Lynn said...

Oh wow, beautiful quilts, I love the shoes :)
Your lovely fabric postcard arrived Carole, thank you so much, I have it posted on my blog this morning :)
happy day,

Dogwood said...

I am drooling. All so beautiful. Each so sweet and different. Wish I could see them all in person. Thanks for the great post.

Enjoy your day and dance a little...

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for showing us. I feel as if I didn't completely miss the show after all.