Sunday, July 29, 2012

don't do as I do!

Just thought I'd pop in and tell you all not to do as I do, or I should say did. I was using some white PVA glue. When I was finished I thought I'd wash my brush, so I put some water in this jar and left my brush sitting in it.
However, I forgot completely about it and in due course the water evaporated and I was left with just glue in the bottom of the jar. Now I have a totally useless brush! So don't do as I did!

What cautionary tales can you share, and do you have any helpful tips from your art room?
Look forward to hearing them.
Carole x


The Rose Room said...

Not really cos that is exactly the kind of thing I would do, have done! Rachael xo

Nathalie Thompson said...

Can't you still soak the brush and clean it? I didn't think PVA was permanent after it dried.

Even after I clean a glue brush it's a crispy. Oh well! Fortunately I don't worry about things like that. ha!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Too late - already done it! I haven't been a good custodian of my brushes and recently thought I might buy a couple of new ones. THEN I saw the price and promptly rethought that plan.'s obviously been awhile since I've had to replace any.

Marva said...

Don't throw that away! You can use it in assemblages! "D