Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If you are passing through Rotorua...

Mr M&M takes a dip in the naturally heated spa pool
There are two places you should take time to visit if you can. One is Kerosene Creek.
It's about 25km south of Rotorua and is signposted on the main highway. Turn off the highway and it's a short drive down a narrow metal road.
It is a creek in the middle of the bush, which has two pools fed by waterfalls in it, with nice hot water. It's quite popular but you need to make sure you don't leave anything of interest in your vehicle. We've been there several times and never had any problems, but there are lots of tales of cars being broken into.

The second place to visit is the Whakarewarewa forest.

Redwood Memorial Grove track

It's know for all the Redwoods growing there and there are loads of tracks of varying levels and times. Something for everyone. It's an amazing place. Most of the Redwoods were planted around 1901and stand approx. 67 metres tall.

Now that the mini-breaks are over and the book is finished it's back to stitching!
Keep warm and dry everyone, summer is on its way!
Carole x


Lottie said...

Your precious, beautiful grandaugher is just adorable. I am so glad that you got to spend some time with her.

Ah Rotorua - what fabulous memories you have brought back of our six week trip around NZ years ago.

We hired a 'Rent a Dent'. When we asked what car is ours - the chap said, 'Any car out the back so long as it's white'. Such a sense of humour. They were all white. You know when you hire a car, you have to inspect with and put crosses where the damage or dents are - well when we went around with the chap the car was covered in them - soyou couldn't see the picture of the car except the roof. We laughed till our sides ached. My husband asked is it reliable as we were planning to be driving it for 6 weeks. Oh yes, he said, it's in the RAC. But if our cars break down it's no good to us, or we'd go bankrupt. The old banger never let us down and we chugged and bumped up all those moutains - and the great thing was we got to use it on the metal roads - unlike the posh new hire cars - and we saw a number of those conked out!

I digress. We were invited by a lady to her summerhouse shack - which she hired each summer. It was in the middle of nowhere - literally, is a huge forest, and as I was on mine own the first time I went it was a bit scary. It was in Maori country outside Rotorua, and in the very heart of it was a magical lake, with hot pools around the edge. The family had a battered old little boat, and they put a 'water' bottle of petrol in it and it coughed a bit before it got going. The only light was from the moon. They took us to the Maori pools in the open air which were hot and sulpherous, and afterwards we swam in the cold lake. It's a memory we still cherish and the most amazing magical experience - we never saw a soul and had to whisper as the sounds could be heard all around this special lake.

What a privelege huh?

I always tell anyone who asks - where would you go on holiday if money was no expense - and I always say New Zealand (I have travelled to a lot of countries and NZ in the most magical). So thanks for sharing your photos

P.S. Back to the real world - I am in the middle of making a huge bread and butter pudding for husbands bowls club and I only popped in here for the timings

Maggie R said...

Loved the pictures from Rotorua..Thanks so much for sharing..
I must say "Neve" is a beauty..LOVE the name :) What a perfect little soul for only 2 weeks old. You will have a lifetime of love there...The quilt you made and the teddy are adorable..Treasures to keep for a lifetime..
Thanks again Carole
PS how did the teaching go? pictures? :)

Jennifer said...

What beautiful places! We didn't get to visit them on our (so far) one and only trip to NZ.

Raewyn said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby grand-daughter Carole.I have been to the redwoods - fabulous - but haven't heard of Kerosene Creek,it sounds wonderful.

DIAN said...

I have been to Rotorua just once but it is on my list if places to go back too. I will add those two places to my list.

Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

Linda said...

Beautiful spots! Love the names.... especially the forest's name... how do you say that?