Thursday, December 6, 2012

Al fresco in the vegetable garden

Lettuce, peas and radish are ready right now in my vege garden. 
 And it's time to start picking strawberries again!
With a little help from a friend :)
Thanks Wednesday!
Do you have a helper in the garden?

Carole x


Mrs A said...

I loooove your garden! Ours is struggling with the heat wave we are having, it was 40c on Tuesday :( My furry girl never leaves my side, except to chase the odd bird!

Linda said...

Looks yummy! I don't have a helper...nor do I have any veggies in my "garden"! You have an adorable helper!!! That's they helper I would want..... if I had a veggie garden!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful blooming garden, and great helper :)


ms lottie said...

Jealous of your strawberry patch - I have to wonder why you would sell your house and leave those lovely strawberries behind! Hope the housing market down there is better than at this end of the country.
Your G-daughter is very cute too. And I've been perusing the Taupo Symposium class booklet - your class descriptions and pics look really great.

Sam Lucas said...

Your garden does not only add to the curb appeal of your home, it also gives you fresh produce every once in a while. You are obviously doing an excellent job in keeping it pretty and worthwhile, with the help of your adorable “helper”. Cheers to your prosperous garden!

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar