Saturday, December 1, 2012

disestablishment and doilies

Recently our unit at work was told it would be disestablished. Don't you just love that word?

Although I won't lose my job, our unit will be split up and our GM will become redundant. There are some pretty upset people in our team right now. Some of the guys in my unit decided we should go out to the local riffle range and shoot some rounds.

I've never fired a gun before, thought I might have to check this out.

I had a few emails asking about my skirt I embellished recently. It seems a few of you want to see it.
Well as it happens I was wearing it on the afternoon that we went to the shooting range.
I thought the contrast between feminine and masculine was interesting. I bet I was the first person to wear doilies to a shooting range!
I loved shooting the pistol, but after a few shots my arms got tired and the gun became rather heavy to hold steady. My very favorite was the 12 guage shotgun!
This outing was an excellent way to work off some stress, I definitely recommend it!

Back soon,


Jill said...

I like the contrast too and I bet it was a great stress reliever. I remember driving our 4-wheeler really fast around our place years ago and felt like a load of stress just dropped!

Julie said...

Glad to hear you've still got your job Carole. Life can be very precarious these days.

Linda said...

You rock! Glad you went to the shooting range. My husband and son and son in law do that....... and they shoot "clays". Sounds very theraputic!!!

Jenxo said...

hehe, what a great stress reliever....job security is not what it used to be sadly...

ms lottie said...

Way to work off the stress and frustration! Great pics, they're keepers for sure.

Lottie said...

Wow - sounds like my idea of fun. You could visualise those folks that were stressing you out - the disestablishmentariams. Bam - off with their heads!