Friday, July 26, 2013

Classes begin!

The first class was the wall hanging class, 'The road to my house' and once the heater had warmed the room up my girls were off! Some very pretty backgrounds put together and then they started on their free motion stitching.
What do you think of Catherine's gorgeous background she's binding? I love the patchwork of colour.
Here are a few works in progress.
I'm sorry I can't remember everyone's names! But you can see these girls put a lot of energy into all the free motion stitching and then all the hand embroidery. I was very proud of what they achieved by the end of two days. Each student had a unique hanging that told stories of where they had lived, their families, places they had been, journey's they had taken. Each of them had embraced free motion stitching and created amazing stories.
Well done girls!!

 Back soon with some more pics.
Carole x


Julie said...

Your class looks so much fun and I love your quilt in the exhibition. It would be wonderful to see it in real life.

Nicky said...

beautiful hangings Carole, must have been a fun class.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Very cool work -- I have blogged about quilts I saw at the exhibition and linked to you. Hope you have had some good sleeps now :-)

Virginia said...

What fantastic work!

Michele Hill said...

HI Carole!! So good to "meet" again via blogger!!! Wow your classes look amazing and they did so much! It was lovely to meet you in person and I look forward to our blogging friendship! Hugs from South Australia xxx

Twiglet said...

Wonderful work - what a fab workshop that was. x Jo

Jill said...

Those are awesome wall hangings!! What a great event.

Pallas said...

What a great class! The wall hangings are beautiful.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I'm sure your class thought two days was NOT long enough! Wonderful work from your students!