Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another page started in my altered book

Here is my second page started on my altered book project. I think this book will end up being a reflection of all the different techniques I learn. So although I intended for it to have a theme, I think it will be quite random! Which I think, will suit me fine for my first book.

I think maybe the pages are a bit plain, I layered some sheet music pages onto the original pages, gessoed, painted, stamped, and alcohol inked. I'm a bit thin on images as I need to start collecting. I also need to add more to this, I do have some words I want to add. The problem is that I once I get the background right, I don't want to cover it. Soooo, I need to loosen up and toughen up at the same time! LOL

What do you think?


Margaret said...

Hi Carole, I love the direction this book is taking you, the colours are just fab. What about transferring your images, text onto transparencys then you still get to see your fab background. Cheers M

Aileen said...

I love the look, so far. I took the step and bought a book for myself and one to start as a gift for my niece. Haven't done anything with them yet, though!

Nona Parry said...

Carole, these are truly lovely. Don't fall prey to embellishment for the sake of embellishment. Figure out how far YOU want to go, and then stop. Remember, there ARE no rules :-)