Saturday, June 7, 2008

A visit to Wellington

It was a wet and wild yucky day when we left Palmerston North at 7.30am to head down to Wellington. It's approx. a 2 hour drive from our place, depending on how many coffee stops we make! It's not a trip you want to make during peak hour traffic in Wellington either! You have to plan to be well away from the city during those times!
Because it was Saturday, and reasonably early there wasn't much traffic and it was relatively easy to find a car park.
We were to meet up with our daughter Traci, who was feeling very proud of herself, having just landed herself a job as Ranger for DOC (Department of Conservation) at Turnbull House in Wellington City Central. For the time being it is only for 18 hrs per week, but she is hoping to pick up more hours after she has been employed there for a while. She will be managing the use, (hire) of the buildings facilities and rooms, and co-ordinating events, plus doing some admin work. She is looking forward to her first day on Monday! The photo above is Traci at the steps to Turnbull House. Isn't it a gorgeous building? It has an adjoining cafe, mmmmm... can't be a bad thing!
This pic shows just how close Turnbull House is to the Beehive! (That's the roundish building on the right which is leaning over!) For those of you unfamiliar with Wellington, she is our capital city, not our biggest, which is Auckland, but our capital, and the Beehive, named because of it's shape, is full to the brim of hard-working, politicians! It's where all our policies are made, and it's where our Prime Minister Helen Clarke hangs out. Traci will be able to pop across the road and have morning tea with her! Hahahaha!
Here's Traci and I in front of the Beehive, which remarkably has readjusted itself to be level again! (my photography amazes me!) One of these days I will do the tourist thing and take a tour through the Beehive. Boy it was blustery in Wellington, it usually is, but incredibly there was no rain and even sunny in patches.
The DOC sign outside the building with accompanying graffiti .
This lovely old building, above, used to be Government House, I think? Someone who knows may correct me on this. But it is now used by Victoria University as their Law School. It is truly beautiful.
Jonathon Livingston Seagull! In Wellington there are walkways right round the waterfront. In summer it is a fabulous place to walk round. The waterfront is only a few minutes walk from Turnbull House. The inter island ferries all dock at various places along the waterfront. Tonight the All Blacks (our famous national rugby team) will play a test match against Ireland at a stadium called The Cake Tin which is located on the water front.
I kind of liked the colours and textures of this tyre in the water.
This is part of the water front. I couldn't believe how calm and inviting it all looked. The longish brown building in the middle background is our national museum, Te Papa. As we traveled home it rained very heavily. As I write this now it is pouring with rain!
Queens Wharf, shopping and eating on the water front.
A wee touch of military, even when I'm not looking for it!
Then we had to stop at One Red Dog for a nice cold orange juice and something to keep energy levels up! Mmmm wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce!
Back to walking along the water front. We have veered off the path and are heading toward the city centre again to find our car. In summer this lagoon is filled with kyackers.
Dennis, Traci and I check out the over-bridge walkway.
I look across to the central city. The main shopping takes place along darkened streets amongst all those tall buildings! You can see the city is a little quieter on the weekend, even with the visitors in town for the rugby. The pubs, shops and eateries are all full however!
Looking north, back in the direction we have just come from. Another over-bridge crosses the road.
I am not sure what this over-bridge is supposed to represent. I think it has a nautical theme?
And finally we squeeze ourselves back down into the darkness of the streets to the car. We had a great day out, and it was neat to catch up with Traci and spend some time with her and see where she will be working.
Tomorrow I intend to sleep in!

Have a great weekend!


Fannie said...

Nice photo of you and Traci. You look like sisters. Good wishes to Traci and her new job. I love, love, love all your photos and the historical info. Thanks for sharing. Great post! Inspiring.

kiwicarole said...

Fannie! What a nice thing to say! You're only as young or as old as you feel! :)Carole

morningDove said...

what a wonderful visit with you through Wellington. your daughter is very beautiful. congrats on her job.

Nona Parry said...

What a fun day in Wellington!

I used to attend life drawing at Turnbull House, but there was no café back then. Government House is still called Government House, even though it currently houses the VUW law school.

Congrats to your lovely daughter, and nice to meet you!

Nona, in Wellington