Monday, June 16, 2008

My first piece of garden art

I've been beaverin away in my small garden. Slowly it is starting to take shape. Over the last couple of days I have planted parsley, lettuce, cauliflower, silverbeet, beetroot, and peas. I've also planted out polyanthus, pansy, stock, sweet peas and aqualegia. There is lots of digging to do yet. I have 5 fruit trees arriving this week, 2 plum trees an almond and 2 apples. I am very excited about all the different fruit trees, I've never grown fruit trees before, so it's a learning curve, but an exciting one.

(Waving) Just want to say hello to Nona in Wellington who visited my blog and has given me some very interesting advice regarding altering books, (which is about to be another small addiction!) Thank you Nona, and I hope that at some stage we can meet up!

Also hello to Margaret who is a kiwi living in Switzerland who popped into say hello! It was lovely to meet you!


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