Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Paper towel project finished

Hi everyone, remember the paper towel I was working on few posts back? I painted vilsoflix and ironed it to a paper towel and then began to paint the paper towel, stamp it and coat it with gel medium.
I have now made my finished project. My quilt journal for April.

We had to use painted vilsoflix as the technique. I have used a piece of silk paper on one side and stamped the image I used on the paper towel onto the fabric too.

I think the quilt is probably pretty plain, but I love the bright colours and the way it has come together. The main piece of paper towel is the right side and the words have been stamped on the back side of the paper. I like the texture. I even have some paper towel pieces left over.
Hope you are all keeping well,


Margaret said...

Hi Carole A really nice combination of techniques in this one, interesting how the paper looks quite like fabric now. You're so productive! Thank you for the lamington incentive, I probably would have just thought about it rather than actually done it without the push from the blog!

Nona Parry said...

Um, what's vilsoflix when it's at home?? And how did I miss a lamington incentive??
Am currently working on Crafts For Cats for the VUW library. Your paper towel is terrific -- tell about this vilsoflix.