Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The day before xmas.......

Today I have been working on my New Zealand quilt. I have finished all the quilting now, phew! I have made the binding and sewn it on, so now all I have to do is hand stitch that down and put a little label on the back with the date, name and his birthday on it.

This lovely little ATC arrived in my letter box, I totally forgot about it until I saw the envelope!! It was made by Doreen in Australia as a swap for one I made. It is felted and I love the colours! Thank you Doreen!
A couple of works of art arrived at my place recently. This hanger was made by Debbi in Australia, we did a swap, (you'll see my hanger in a previous post). This is lovely! It is a lovely dusty pink, she is a fab judge of colours, Debbi never fails to impress me!! Thanks Debbi, and I look forward to our challenges in 2009!

This is a wreath my daughter made for us. It is made of Tui shapes (our native bird) and fern fronds. I love it! A real New Zealand wreath! Thanks Catherine!! xx

Oh, and a wee bit of shopping..... I know I'm suppose to be on a shopping diet, lol, especially when it comes to crafting stuff, but I just couldn't help myself!! I saw this pattern in a mag and it looks very simple to make, and very effective. So I plan to make a couple after tomorrow is over.

Sorry, had to add this pic! LOL! I know you are probably all strawberried out, but they just keep coming! (Although with 3 days of rain, they are starting to rot. But picked this lot last night to have with our pavlova tomorrow!!)
This little fella sits in our tree each year, he's getting on a bit in years now!
Carole ;)

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