Wednesday, December 3, 2008


HELP! I've got worms and they're escaping everywhere!
They are slimeing over the bench and onto the floor, they've got out onto my sewing table and I've found them amongst my cotton reels!

Things are very odd round here at the moment!

And this little fella is the reason!

Last night while I was talking on the phone Buddy jumped in the open window and shot across the room and disappeared into the guest bedroom, harmless except for the fact that he had this little bird in his mouth!
I rescued him, and he seemed unhurt, but I think one leg is not functioning as strongly as the other. I put him in an ice cream container, I heated my wheat bag and put some paper towel and old material in it and went out and got him some worms. I then had to make sure that he was well protected from 2 cats!
I put him in my bedroom over night, I thought he might enjoy the mingled scent of roses and lavender, and quite expected him to have exited this world by morning. At 12.30am I woke to a tapping sound, I got up and checked bird, he was wide awake and his wheat bag had gone cold!!!!! I re heated it for him and went back to bed.
I woke up this morning at 5 past 7, mmmm, quite a nice sleep in! I got up and checked on bird as all was quiet. As soon as I moved the material covering him, all hell let loose! He was starving and ready for his first feed of the day!
My giddy Aunt! I wasn't ready for his enthusiasm for life!
So in my pj's I headed out to the garden for more worms! He's doing very well, and even responds to my voice now!

Oh help! Don't know if I'm ready for the responsibility of being a new parent!!
Should I name him?? He looks a bit rough, but then he's been carted round in Buddy's mouth, but he is cute and I can't believe he's still alive!

Then this morning all the cows from next door escaped! They looked sooooo funny, the farmer left the gate open and they all ran back down the race and when the hit the road they ran to the left which is a quiet road, (where we walk Shelby), if they had run to the right, they would have come out on the main highway! Serious stuff. Here they are walking up the race after milking this morning, don't they look innocent?

And here they are being walked back up the road after their escape attempt!Hahaha, if you haven't suffered any madness lately - GO OUT AND MAKE SOME!!! You only live once, it keeps life interesting!!

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