Monday, June 1, 2009

a cold weekend

Yesterday we were expecting a "polar blast" . A perk of New Zealand being "down south". It was expected to hit on Sunday morning, and then be lovely and sunny on Monday morning. Sunday morning was lovely, very mild. I kept an eye on the hills across the road. Snow was expected down to 300 metres, 200 in some places. We traditionally don't normally ever get snow in Palmerston North, but last year had the same thing happen. Palmerston North has lots of ranges running to the east of the city, the Ruahine Ranges in the north and the Tararua Ranges in the south. These ranges divide the east and west coasts. These are often coated in snow during winter.
Late in the afternoon, about 4pm, the gray snow clouds rolled in and dusted the tops of the hills. Very exciting! And very pretty. I spent most of the evening, before it got dark watching the hills for more snow. It was much more entertaining than watching tv!

This morning it was all still there. I wish we got snow this close every winter. It looks lovely.
There is no wind this morning so the air is still and really cold!

Well time to go light the fire again, and make a large bowl of porridge!
Hope you are all keeping warm or enjoying the summer months!
Carole ;)


Ali Honey said...

Lovely photos. It's cold up here too but no snow on the Kaimais.

Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure we saw snow on those ranges, on a visit to Palmerston North some years ago - it looks very familiar!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a fantastic view you have Carole, just splendid. I Love snow, lots of it, the hush it gives, the fresh smell of it and when it glistens in the much to enjoy if you can stay home and and not have to venture out...driving in it is not my cup of tea!

Margaret said...

not sure whether to sigh or cry with these pics?? fab! it's such an odd sensation to see a photo of home and beable to 'feel' the air, maybe it's something to do with the light/atmosphere that does it. do you think you could do a norwest for me sometime??