Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunshine at last

Today I made the most of the sunny weather and spent the whole day in the garden. It is time for my strawberry plants to be lifted, separated, and then replanted. A big job.

The plants had lots of pea straw round them which I found to be really great for the fruit, as it lay on the straw instead of laying on the dirt. Now I will dig what is left of the straw into the soil and add compost from my compost bins and lots of black gold, (or sheep poo from the paddock) to make a lovely soil to plant the young strawberry plants back into.

These plants I'm pulling out are only a year old, and will fruit well for another 2 years, but I like to start with young runners every year. I have heeled the young plants into another piece of garden until the bed is ready to plant into.

It's nice when the cats get involved too. Wednesday came out to visit and watch what I was doing. She found a lovely spot in the sun under the passionfruit vine. Unfortunately she wasn't much help when a large hairy spider tried to run up my glove!!

Hopefully we will have more fine weather tomorrow as well and I can do some more catching up in the garden.

Carole ;)


Linda said...

You and alllll of those spiders!!!!

Scrappy Raven said...

Lovely garden pictures.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I am a little confused. It's your winter (cold) but you are gardening? I never a did a thing with my strawberries- maybe why mine did so poorly. Of course, I did not have sheep poo available! hee hee

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

a passion fruit vine, how exotic that sounds! bet you'll have a bumper crop of really BIG berries too!