Tuesday, June 16, 2009

stunning art arrives in the mail

Remember the mystery pic of the "nails"? Well now all can be revealed.
I am part of a creative art group, the QB5's, and our last swap challenge was to make a 6 x 4" with a childhood theme. Each item could be made with whatever we liked, but each had to contain a picture of ourselves as a child. Each of us has a different style, and all the swap items have arrived now, so I can show them to you...

This is Linda's, she loved books and horses as a child can you tell? The little pocket on the back held a wee library card with lots of info about her childhood. The layered book pages also had wax on them to give them a lovely finish. Thank you Linda!

The next little treasure was Nathalie's, ain't she sweet? This creation was collaged using a vintage postcard and stamps that tells how proud she is of her heritage! Thanks Nathalie!

Then there is Patty's. She couldn't play this round, but sent us an ATC on the theme, I wonder what it is about Patty and I that we both have our tongues sticking out? Cheeky do you think? I think this would make a lovely little broach! Thanks Patty!

And then there was this card made by Margaret, I love her collages and her words and her colours, I just don't have the same talent when it comes to paint brushes and glue! This is her and her brother, aren't they a great pair!

And lastly here is my creation, I tend to like to play with fabrics, and was a little adventurous adding ribbons and beads and some antique lace. I was always in my gumboots as a child, loved playing outdoors.

Nathalie has made a wee hanger for mine from a test tube with tiny buttons, hooks etc... in it. How cool is that!!

photo by Nathalie

And Patty has used an old fork to hang my art on! It looks perfect!

photo by Patty

Well I hope you enjoyed viewing our art works as much as we enjoyed making them! We are about to embark on our next project, which is quite different again. I'll keep you posted!

Take care,
Carole ;)


Linda said...

You take the greatest pictures! This was sooooo rewarding. Can't wait to see the results of our next adventure.

Laura Kay said...

These are so darling. I love the creative hangers! Perfect to fill that spot on the wall that needs something!

Doreen G said...

Amazing work by everyone Carole.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

oooo you did a wonderful job, photos and writing...I felt challenged in trying to cover all the wonderfulness, you gals over whelmed me with kindness oxo

must get crackin on my RR

Margaret said...

Great post, it' so cool to see all our work together, we^ve made each other such wonderful keepsakes for our treasures boxes, great theme! I love all of it!!!

ombre said...

vraiment très beau ! bravo

Debbi Baker said...

Carole - these are just so gorgeous. And I absolutely adore the details on yours - love love love the way you have "framed' the image with the ribbon (must tru that!!)PS Love this blog background - subtle and vintage and very pretty!

Jacq said...

What beautiful treasures.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I am still laughing about the "nails"! And now, seeing all of the little charms' feet sticking out is even funnier! hee hee hee

Great post!

Corinne Phillips said...

These are all fantastic. What a lovely idea. Well done to everyone. I love the little angel charm!