Friday, July 30, 2010

One reason I don't like Winter!!!

I had to rush around the house this morning and hurriedly barricade us all inside. It was a beautiful Spring morning with a very weak, but welcome sun and I had every window and door in the house open. I managed to close everything in record time!

Buddy was on the prowl and trying to get inside so he could curl up on a bed and take his 12 hr nap :))

And what's wrong with that you might ask?

Well, nothing, until he turned the other cheek!!!

He was dripping in mud!!

In fact you can even see the high tide mark on him!

Poor Buddy could'nt understand why I didn't want to cuddle him and show him lots of affection :))

I mean, would you??

I ask you.......

Are we the only ones who have cats that come home looking like refugees?

So it was off to the bathroom for a bath!

Quick smart!

Yes, Buddy, that's all your dirt going down the plug!

Poor thing, he looked like some character from a Harry Potter movie LOL

After a nice rub dry, and you've never heard so much purring (!!) he is now very clean,
and curled up tightly asleep on our bed.

It's a cats life!

Have a lovely weekend friends
Carole :))


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - what a disgusted looking kitty! Seems they all look like that after a bath. Speaking of which - our visiting grandkitty had an impromptu dip in the toilet (complete with the lid clunking him on the head) and looked SO funny as he clambered out of the toilet, totally drenched. Fortunately it had been flushed first!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Poor dejected buddy!
What an adventure he'd been on, no doubt sniffing out all the new smells and seeing just who had been sniffing around his house overnight - if only he could tell us!!!

Dogwood said...

Sweet cat story! What a cutie. I am a total cat lover. Meow!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

all's well that end's well ... poor pussy cat had quite a day!
lucky for your good eye Lady!

Bunty said...

Oh my goodness, where had he been?? It's hard to think that so much mud could attach itself to one small cat!
It was a good thing that you spotted him in time and don't cats look so pathetic when they are wet and unfluffed?!


Jenxo said...

hahahaha.. he deserved it...

Cynnie said...

What a great cat story...your kitty kat looked so adorable...and the way you told it,,I just could not stop laughing....I want to know where he was that he got so dirty and does he realize he was in the "dreck" up to his HIPS!!!

The Dreamstress said...

Teehee! My kitty came home the other week covered in ...(wait for it)... butter chicken sauce! She hates the stuff - not sure why she felt compelled to basically roll in the puddle on the compost pile.

At least he doesn't look too grumpy about the bath!

BTW did I meet you when I was up in Palmy a few months back?

Julz said...

I'm gobsmacked that Buddy was standing in the bath being washed ! Gosh that was dirty water. Bella's too much of a princess to be outside any longer than necessary... let alone get her coat muddy.

Nancy said...

Buddy, how could you??

Linda said...

You've just given us a good laugh thats a lot of mud!!

Pallas said...

Buddy is too cute all wet! He sure was muddy mess, and it is a good thing he lets you bathe him.

The Rose Room said...

haha, he looks like he is a character!! Mine is too lazy to come home like that, probably because she doesn't venture far from the house! Have not got my head into this semester, first assignment due Monday, re-starting it today!

Julie said...

Awwwwwh! Poor little thing! (Except I'm laughing here) He looks so sweet all wet and what huge eyes! :))

purplepaint said...

Oh no!!! My cat's stay in the house. He looks so calm in the bathtub! My cats would be freaking out! You must have started him out taking baths when he was little. :D Marva

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Buddy boy is so cute. As I have 4 cats I know that feeling when you realise that there is nothing for it but to head for the bathroom but it looks like Buddy is a lot better bather than mine, lol.

Marlynn said...

Only a few words to describe what I did reading this post:



Joy said...

You did well to get Buddy in the bath ... reckon I'd need a pair of welding gloves to put my moggy anywhere near water!!! He really is a character lol.
Joy :o)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love people who love their cats! You are truly a kind hearted soul.
Bless you sweetie!

Nathalie Thompson said...

LoL about the high tide mark! I thought cats were fastidiously CLEAN!

Linda said...

Pooooooor Buddy! Pooor you! I am glad you got everything closed in time. Glad we got to witness it all, too! I would like to see him curled up asleep now.

Joanie Hoffman said...

My cat is an inside cat, except for the screened in front porch! I think I know one reason why now after seeing your Buddy. I didn't think Buddy looked THAT dirty until i saw the water! Yikes.