Thursday, July 15, 2010


Let me introduce you to my next online class!

It's a little bit different...
In this class you'll be creating gifts especially for others!

In this workshop I will work with you to help you take my ideas and create the perfect gift for giving :)

Here's the perfect chance to use those specially hoarded doilies,

those pretty vintage laces,

buttons that bear the scars of years gone by.

Here's your chance to play with transfers,

to add some hand stitching.

Here's your chance

to give a gift of love,

for absolutely no reason at all,

except that you care!

Join me in a fun workshop

as we recycle and create

and then wrap and then mail!

Then imagine the smiles you'll give
when you share this with someone special!

I'll make you smile

online workshop with Madness and mess
stop press! NOW STARTS: 1ST Sept and runs indefinitely

cost: $US35.00
Please make your class payment via PayPal, (link is on the side bar)

As soon as I see your payment
I will issue you an invitation to join my workshop blog
Please check your spam for my email if you don't hear from me.

A list of the things you will need plus treasure hunt items
will be added to the workshop blog before the start of the class

The private class blog will be up and running for 2 months, during this time you will
have full access to it so that you may work at your own pace and revisit it if you choose to go
back and make a different version to your first
I will also be available to help during this time.

Once your workshop fee has been paid there will be no refunds

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me
(link on the side)

I'd love to have you join me

Carole :)


Bunty said...

I would love to join you Carole but I still have so much of my journal to finish - I think if I joined another class, it wouldn't get done and so for now, I will try and press on with that. I see the enrolment cut off is September so I will still have time to join if I finish my book!

This class looks lovely - especially the stitching.


Ati. said...

Ahh, what a temptation....sigh.. This is the most busy time of the year for me, August, guests, preserving vegetables, making jam... I have to think about it.
Are this small objects?

La Dolce Vita said...

sounds like a great class Carole! best to you!!!

purplepaint said...

Oh how cool!!! Will it be several different projects or all of them like the beautiful card you're showing? :D Marva

Linda said...

This class looks adorable...and something that I could do in a day! hahahaha Yeah, right. Well, sitting up straight here...I bet I could if you show me.

Nathalie Thompson said...

OOooo, I think I need to stock my etsy shop with more laces... Looks like you are USING yours!


Dogwood said...

So sweet! I wish I had the extra time to take your class. I love what you have shown on your blog post. Dogwood

Debrina said...

Good luck Carole - hope you get lots of participants. My friend Gundhild, btw, is waiting to hear from you. She needs a definite from you if you are interested in the alt.shift.craft fair. Anyway, your work, as ever, is looking beautiful.

Ati. said...

Just that I had decided to give myself the "Make me Smile" workshop as a present the Pay Now button has disappeared from your blog.
Will it come back and start on August 1st. ?