Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's all a bit overwhelming really...

Remember the box I received in the post a couple of days ago?
Well this is what was packed into it!
I was totally thrown, when I discovered some very nice Irish breakfast tea, and decaf too! Salted peanuts, caramel bars and chocolate pretzels!

And a gorgeous selection of arty bits for me to play with :))
Of course everyone knows just how much I treasure vintage lace!
Just the smallest piece sends me soaring lol

And then I spotted this gorgeous arch,

with the loveliest words on the back.

I think I'm the luckiest tutor, I have simply the nicest students in my class!

I think this student deserves a wee surprise in return, don't you?

Carole :)


Kayjay said...

Aww Carole, isn't it lovely to ber appreciated. I'd love to have a go at journaling.. one day when things settle down in my life!! haha. You are such an amazing lovely person, take the accolades and feel special xox

Shiree said...

oh so lovely, how nice to be so appreciated! ENJOY

Doreen G said...

Gee Carole I tought that you had won the lottery.

~*~Patty said...

This was me trying to say "thank you" to you dear Carole ... no way to actually do that when someone special comes into your life and inspires you again and again ... just a little something and I know the laces were a bit of a tease ... I had concerns it might hold up the packie in customs?
Still doing the happy dance with your very happy news!!!

Heather said...

I have been following the progress of one or two of your online students and their journals are wonderful. I am now going to take a longer look at your blog as I've only just found you. I love the sort of work you do but have no time right now to join your class. You'll enjoy using the goodies you've just received and be able to make even more lovely things.

Dogwood said...

How very sweet is that. A box filled with such wonderful items. Enjoy...Dogwood

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Wonderful treasures and yummy treats! What a lovely gift! Enjoy the goodies!

Jenxo said...

what a sweetoe Patty is.... so nice to be appreciated Carole, i bet its a wonderful class....