Sunday, November 27, 2011

A gorgeous country fair

Friday night was blustery and grim and I wondered how I was going to cope with a fly-away gazebo while collecting lavender bags from the lawn.

But Saturday morning it was a little tamer and as we worked to get our buntings hung and the table looking nice the wind disappeared and the sun popped out now and again. 
Everyone was busy presenting their wares and making tempting displays of goods, from home interior
items inside the homestead, to cakes and books, baby clothes and jams, plants and quilts.

Traci and I were allocated a spot down on the bottom garden, right opposite Hester Guy's Cafe which made the best coffee by the way.

It was a lovely sheltered spot with a lovely old water fountain, with tables and chairs scattered round. People came and sat and ate club sandwiches and cakes and drank home made lemonade.

Once again my lavender bags were a best seller and I was pleased I had made extra so I could refill my hat case.

Twice during the day Hester Guy gave a talk and a demonstration to anyone who wanted to sit and listen. She had loads of tips for serving food to guests and catering for your guests at home. She also advised serving lots of small amounts of food before the main, then a small main, and a light desert. 
She also said that after only one glass of alcohol no one will appreciate the effort you've put into making your meal.
I thought she was a very interesting, down-to-earth cook.

She visited our table too and told us we had a lovely display and noticed the smell of lavender which wafted round our table.

I had wondered it people would be able to smell it out doors, but almost everyone commented on it.
Traci even sold lavender bags to a few men.

There were loads of nooks and crannies in the garden, and it is not surprising to learn it is hired out as a wedding venue.

New season's Santa's graced the table, some looked a little drunk, I don't think they were used to the bright sun!

Our gazebo looked lovely with all the different buntings fluttering in the breeze. 
Everyone commented on them. It was lovely to meet so many people, and some had even found my blog and popped in to say hello.

Pins for sale in ice cream sundae dishes.

Fabric brooches caught in the sunlight. 

Thanks Traci for helping me out. And to my friend Lynette who always comes by and takes a photo of me for the record! 

I think you might find some more photos on Lynette's blog....

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend too!

Carole :)


Marlynn said...

Love, love, love, your lavender bags! What a beautiful post and such a lovely day. So happy you were able to sell your wares! Hugs

Raewyn said...

Looks like a fabulous day Carole. All your wares are so lovely... I must get back to growing lavender, the scent is rather special.

DIAN said...

Thanks for the tour of the garden and your stall looks fantastic.

I am pleased you had a good day.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Your stall looks wonderful Carole - a huge effort!!
People will be so pleased they found you there with your beautiful hand made treasures!

xShane x

Lynette (NZ) said...

Always a pleasure...thanks for the linky :-)

Ali Honey said...

Lovely garden, on a nice day by the look of it. Your stall looks great and I hope you had many sales. The lavender seems to be especially perfumed at the moment - just lovely.

Mel Brooks said...

That stall looks so great! it looks like it has a really lovely vibe to it, not wonder they loved your lavender bags!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such pretty lavender bags - how I wish I dared smell them. Lavender makes me sneeze, so I pretty much avoid it. I love the scent and it's so annoying that it bothers me.

Linda said...

It looks wonderful. I agree....your little Santa guys were not used to that sun.... how cute they are!!!

~*~Patty S said...

I can almost smell your sweet kiwi lavender bags from special that you have different messages and more on each!

You and your dear girl look really cute too!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Carole. Your display was simply lovely--so tasteful. Your lavender bags are so cool--my lavender plants are just beginning to flower. I'll borrow your idea!
best from Tunisia, nadia

Margaret said...

It looks likeyou had a great day! your table looked fab!