Sunday, November 6, 2011

What the heck?

OK, so what the heck is it?

The QB5 group swap is about to happen, 
and it coincides with Christmas.

I've made my swaps and I'm wondering if you can guess what I've made?

If you can I've got two more fabric fat quarters to give away.

I'll give them to the first person who guesses what I've made. If there are more than one person who is a guessing genius, then I'll draw the winners name on the 1st December, when I'll reveal what I've made and they have reached their destinations.

Happy guessing!

Carole ;D


Jensters said...

Mmm a difficult one Carole...ill have to get my thinking cap on x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Candy canes? I know, totally unoriginal but the only thing that I can think of!

Lynn said...

My Guess - the legs of some animal and I am guessing it might be one of Santa's Reindeer.

Nathalie Thompson said...


Mrs A said...

I thought legs too, but maybe its santa hats?

Linda said...


dianehobbit said...

What wonderful fabric in your giveaway, I just that I had an idea what you have made. Not a clue as yet!

sjmcdowell said...

Could you be making little elves with cute little red legs sitting under mushrooms??
Ha hahaha...I know I am probably wrong...:)

Hugs and Smiles,


Lottie said...

decorations for the house or tree or a banner,

My that mushroom square is a stunner

Lynn said...

Guess #2 - Is it tips of a poinsettia flower?

gill said...

Some sort of flower - probably native to NZ??