Sunday, November 13, 2011

two down, two to go

The Christmas and cocktails at Caccia Birch is over with. I have not been to this before so had no expectations.
All my stall was packed up ready to go.

It was held over two hours on Friday evening, tickets sold for $20.00 each and the guests were wined and offered gorgeous nibbles while they shopped.

There an amazing array of talented women selling their crafts (and at this stage I shall apologise for the serious lack of photos).
I am very pleased I wasn't next to one of the tempting stalls selling Christmas cakes and fudges.

This is Caccia Birch, gorgeous inside and out! The last time I was here I was the photographer for a wedding.

Lynette popped by and snapped a quick pic of me and my table between customers.
Thanks Lynette :)
I had a busy two hours and came home with a lot less stock which was great.
Lots of lovely comments, a few repeat customers, and loads of new ones!

Now to prepare myself for the next one.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend
Carole :)


alveen said...

Those goodies look yummy. Who could resist!

Jenxo said...

oh it looked fantastic, so glad you sold as well....good luck with the next one...

Linda said... look charming! Your hair has gotten long!! I'm glad you sold some of your beautiful are a busy bee!

Janelle said...

I like your set up. I haven't even started thinking about how I would set up a table to sell my wares. Thanks for posting, you are an inspiration to me.