Monday, November 28, 2011

Remember these?

Well those of you who tried to guess what they were might have noticed in the previous post that there was a pic of them?

That's right, they belong to the Santa's.

And we have one very clever winner, Mrs A
who guessed correctly, so I'll be sending you out the lovely fabric.

Meantime I need to seriously clean up my sewing room.

Carole :)


Linda said...

Lucky Mrs. A!!! Those Santas are adorable!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Someone actually GUESSEd what these were from your photo?! Even after your reveal, I had to think for a minute! ROFLing. I couldn't figure out where you used an odd striped fabric... hahahahahaha!

I crack myself up (and anyone else reading this!)

Mrs A said...

Wow thank you so much Carole, i just sent you an email, I guess i got lucky! Renata :)