Thursday, August 29, 2013

I've now passed the 900 blog posts milestone

900! Whew!
I'm exhausted just thinking about them all, haha.

I thought I'd share this with you. - On the weekend I was out in the garden. When the days are fine I find I'm spending more time wandering around just simply enjoying it all.
I decided to take a photo of some of the spring happenings, like this burst of colour from the polyanthus.
Of course I had company everywhere I went, and I'm guessing you know who?
Yep, if you guessed Buddy, then you would be right on! LOL He follows me everywhere. This particular day, every time I bent down to take a photo, leap, and there he was perched on top of my knees. I think he has an attention problem!
Of course after I told him off for being a nuisance he disappeared. But I soon found him. He was sitting on the roof watching me.
I told him I thought he should come down and find a nice place in the sun to curl up and sleep.
And although he decided he would come down, he wasn't prepared to let me cuddle him after I had growled at him.
Unfortunately he's so gorgeous I just have to love him to bits!

Carole x



Irene said...

Isn't he just soooo beautiful!, he has fans in Holland, you can telll him now...

Irene said...

Ooms, forgot to congratulate you with this milestone. Blogging has become part of your lief!

Jennifer said...

He's fluffy and gorgeous, both! Wow, 900 posts is quite a milestone.....not long to go until the big one.

Linda Jo said...

Buddy is so wonderful! And... I love the primrose! I tried to grow them once at the old house... in a really shady spot under a holly tree....... just never would thrive. Now I have zero shade.... but I love yours!!! And congrats on over 900! I need to see how many I'm at!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - you can just read the body language in that last picture. Cats can look SO stuck up can't they. Congrats on the milestone, btw.

Nicky said...

Wow - 900 posts, that is a whole lot of writing, congratulations! Has he forgiven you

Tatkis said...

Wow, 900 posts! Fantastic - congratulations!


Shahrul Niza said...

Hello, Carole :). I have just discovered your blog from Pinterest. I absolutely admired & LOVE your journals!!. And most of all, I LOVE your cat, so gorgeous. I own 3 cats and so I am so glad that I met you here :).