Friday, August 30, 2013

Visitors to the garden

The kowhai trees in our garden are starting to coming out in bloom. We have approximately 50 of them, and most are very old. As kowhai trees are slow growers, it has been suggested they are 40 to 50 years old. These trees attract our native bird, the tui. They come to feed from the nectar.
A few varieties have flowered early and we've had two resident tui feeding from the flowers. But now many of the others are coming into bloom and the tui numbers are increasing. Last count was 12. Each day the haze of yellow deepens and spreads.
They hop and fly amongst the tree tops and sing and chatter, it's lovely to hear them.
We have many trees and plants that the birds seem to like and I'll try and keep them in mind when I plant new things in the garden.
I'm pleased they are smart enough to stay in the tree tops, well away from any scheming cats!
Hope you've all had a good week,
Carole x


Raewyn said...

Fantastic photos Carole. Our Kowhai are a bit later to flower but I am looking forward to seeing them and also the Tui and pigeon of course. (That bottom Tui looks particularly well fed!)

Linda Jo said...

I love these flowers!!! Amazing!

Jennifer said...

Oh, you are lucky.....I love kowhai trees! They were in flower when we visited NZ several years ago, and were so beautiful.

Unknown said...

The photos are beautiful. Mother nature at its best

Naaj xx

Jen said...

HI!Carole, Lovely seeing your garden and the Kowhai trees and birds ,I love nature photos,would love to see the trees in full flower.