Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One wee mini charm pack all used up!

Remember the mini charm pack I was using, well they have all been used up, plus I added half a metre of Moda marbles to add the sashings and a little contrast. I also had to add a few yoyo's - you know how much I love them!
A few hexes for interest.
Ans a heart or two.
hexes and yoyo's
And a little bit of blanket stitch
And here it is. A fun exercise!
Carole x


Tatkis said...

As usual, all details are so cute, and perfect result!


Suztats said...

Love the fabrics, and your design! Looks great!

Jen xo said...

oh gorgeous....

Annette said...

Very nice and love those colours.. yum

Linda said...

Beautiful! Love it!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Excellent use of a charm pack, made even better by all your additions. I'm curious though - how big did it end up being?