Wednesday, July 1, 2009

some experiments

I've been a bit quiet due to catching a horrendous cold, so not a great deal to show you, but a whole month has gone and it's now July so thought I'd better post something! lol

I have had the brilliant tuition from that fab Swiss artist Margaret from over at Alice and Camilla as I have been trying to create without fabric and sewing machine, not natural for me! Here is the card I made for my sister for her birthday. I was pretty pleased with it, and although it was pretty close to my tutors, I don't think I could make one this great ever again! I think it was a oncer! lol
Using paint and cardboard and collaging images isn't that easy for me, things tend to get unbelievably ugly real quick! I'll leave the rest to your imagination! lol At least I managed to make this card which my sister enjoyed!

Recently I also attempted to have a go at some transfers. I haven't had much luck previously with these either. But I know it can be done and I will keep trying. I want to be able to do them with paint or gel medium.
This first one was done using paint on fabric. You can tell there is still a fair bit of paper left on the fabric, but if I rub any more the image comes off with the paper. I kind of like this partial image, and think I will try it using different paint next time.

The second attempt was using the paint on a card tag. When I wet the paper and gently rubbed the whole lot came off! I think perhaps I did not have enough paint on the card, and perhaps I should have left it longer before trying to remove the paper.

Then I did the gel medium on the card and it worked pretty much how I was hoping. There is still a little paper left on the image, so I might need to find a fine sandpaper or something similar to remove the last of the paper.

Then I tried gel medium on fabric which worked well. Still a little paper residue left on the fabric from the paper, but over all I think I was tending to be a little light handed when it came to getting rid of the paper.

Fun for future projects!
Carole ;)

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Nathalie Thompson said...

So, in conclusion, gel medium is the way to go! Thanks for the "what not to do" lesson! :)