Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Afew pics from the last couple of days.....

This past weekend I took the opportunity to make some lamingtons, complete with fresh whipped cream because I wanted to celebrate the fact that I now own my very own piece of Alice and Camilla art!!!! A mini canvas made by Margaret! How blimmin fantastic is that?? Fits into its new home quite nicely too I might add! (I am very very proud of this Mrs G -thank you sooo much!!)

I can feel some more dried rosebuds coming up... This rose is called Christopher Marlowe.
My DH has been working his way thru stacking a whole truck load of firewood in readiness for next winter, and when I look at it all I can see is a lovely warm fire, socks, steaming mugs, mmmmmm. However, if I tend to look closely, this pile is a fabulous hiding place for mega spiders!!! I backed off, left it for DH to stack!
Didn't he do a wonderful job!

I also had a chance to play for a short while and started this canvas. Painted it gold and applied some paper surviettes. I like the sides of it, but the top of it is not what I wanted it to look like. I may have to do an altered canvas!

And a walk in the fresh air with daughter Traci and companion Shelby... the cabbage tree is in full bloom, this tree is a national icon. I am desperately telling myself that it will be a long hot summer!!

Shelby loves to sniff in the long grasses and follow the scent of hedgehogs. If she finds one she will carry it in her mouth! Prickles and all! She loves to run thru the drains, and get muddy and wet! In the photo below you can just make out her tail as she is half in the water in the drain, and in the grasses!

We turn round and head back home, there it is across the paddocks, hope the jugs on!
Have a great week everyone, and thanks for your comments on the swap pics!
Carole ;)


Margaret said...

Aw mate, can you hear me weeping accross the water, if I could eat the screen now I'd would!!! the lamingtons look divine!! I think your canvas looks cool, great background begging for altering!

Brenda said...

Those lamingtons look to die for. Love the little art work. Your canvas is coming along nicely. Wonderful hubby, chopping all that wood.

Anonymous said...

What are lamingtons? I need a recipe please.