Friday, November 21, 2008

What do you absolutely hate to eat the most?

YEP! IT HAS TO BE BROAD BEANS!! And guess what? YEP AGAIN!! I'm growing flamin miles of them! I have frozen them so I can add them to casseroles and stews come winter, but I will have to find some seriously good way of disguising their flavour! I hate the way they look so tempting, like you could just pick them up and eat them raw, oh no, and I hate the way they turn an awful shade of grey when you cook them! Any one have any tips?
Progress with the chrissy cake, it's been smothered to death with whiskey and stored. I'll wait for another couple of weeks before I do the icing thing. I always use a recipe I found years ago in an Australian mag. It's full of cherries and sultanas, oh, and whiskey!
Couple of pics from the vege garden. These are some of the surplus strawberry plants I didn't have room for in the garden.
I can't believe the size of the fruit on the plants in the garden, it's huge, much bigger than the fruit last year.

Thought I'd just finish on a sweet note!
Have a fab weekend everyone!


Margaret said...

very yummy looking post you have here, could eat the lot (except the daisys) amazing strawberries!! my mother always used to boil cabbage with carraway seeds and we HAD to eat it agghh!!

gryphon said...

What a lovely garden you have!

I found your blog cos I was looking for new people from NZ who etsy to play a tag game. Go to my blog to see the details. I also found the lovely postcard swap you had pics of. I've done postcard swaps in the past - collage ones. They're such fun!

Only play if you want. I was just looking for a fun way to find other artists whose work I like. :)

katelnorth said...

well, I love broad beans, but if you don't... have you ever tried peeling them? removing the outer tougher casing turns them into a whole different animal. so to speak. and makes them a better colour, too.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Yummy! I love that picture of the Lima Beans. Haven't had any in awhile. Your picture makes me want to have some.