Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My $2.00 day!!

Last night I made this cover for a box of tissues, I liked the floral fabric, and it goes nicely with the floral china I have sitting on the dresser.

This morning I was up early and round to my girlfriends place by 7.30am. We were going to the distribution centre for Ezibuy. They were having a massive clearance sale, no advertising, word of mouth only. I've never been before, but apparently they clear out all the clothes that either been returned for some reason, or are factory seconds, or perhaps have been tried on in their store and have been damaged. Ezibuy is a large company and although they have retail stores throughout NZ, most of their sales come by mail order in Australia and NZ.
Not knowing what to expect I was ready!

I was not ready!
Instead of a shopping basket, you were issued with a huge cardboard box which was way too big to carry, so you had to drag it behind you, and the reason being that everything was $2.00! There were women everywhere, all fighting to get the chance to rummage through piles and piles of clothes! Amazing!
I looked for tops, especially anything that said merino. You couldn't try anything on, so I had to buy what I knew might fit. This white lacy shirt had one button missing from the front, but it had a small bag attached with a spare in it! It will take me 2 minutes to fix it. It has short sleeves and will be lovely for summer. It's retail price was $59.95! $2.00!

This green top, ignore the colours, you get the idea, was also $59.95, it had a small gap, about 1 inch, in one seam where the stitching had come undone, 2 minutes to fix, $2.00!
Overall, I bought 21 items for $40.00. (I bought some to give to family). But I bought 11 assorted tops for myself, the tags added up to $429.45, I paid $22.00! I couldn't believe it! I never have this sort of luck! And I have a whole new stack of clothes for next autumn and winter!
Then, heading back towards home, I came across this, which I think is very cool. However I know hubby would never tow it behind the car, it really doesn't look that manly - if you know what I mean! It has just enough room to sleep 2 people and that's it! Isn't it dinky! I'd love to paint it something way more pretty and tow it behind my car! LOL
Then after lunch I went on a garden visit with the local garden club. I am normally working when they meet, but today I was home and was able to go. We went to a Palmerston North garden called Helm Park. The owner breeds, or hybridizes irises, and they were everywhere! His property was huge with lots of big trees and colourful gardens everywhere! There was a mix of formal rose beds, and large lawns, and also little pathways that lead you to little surprises!

These are just 2 of the iris gardens, lots of the ladies bought plants for their gardens. His colours were stunning.

Well there's not much crafting happening here, but when the days are so sunny I have a great need to be outside after all the rain and mud of winter!

Hope you also nabbed a bargain today!
Carole ;)


Margaret said...

what a cool day, love the clothes, actually rather like the green top!
what's with your email? I keep getting undeliverable? is it me?

Margaret said...

DP ok so it's me, got your message but can't reply, got new computer on w/end, will sort it(hopefully)

Megan Coyle said...

I'm liking your tissue box. The floral pattern is fantastic.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Your woollen buys are AMAZING!!! OhMyGosh! Did you feel like you were stealing? (haha)

And the trailer you found made me chuckle. In the States we call those "canned hams" because of the shape-- and there isn't much room to move around.